Seventy percent of the many aspects of painting are techniques. The knowledge of materials, mixing colors, using the brushes, composition and much more. Most important is to keep watching your work over and over again from different angles. You have to train yourself not to be afraid to make mistakes because everything can always be corrected later on. Out of experience we have learned that most people who never painted before, progress rapidly and - after a short while - produce good and sometimes superb paintings.

The El Rosario Art Class is in the picturesque village El Rosario, only six kilometers East of downtown Marbella. It is located in a villa that provides an excellent environment for painting with good light and a pretty sea view.

On Mondays from 13:00 until 17:00 hours we host our weekly painting group. The number of participants is restricted to seven because we need to be able to provide ample professional assistant. Due to the fact that not everyone lives all year in this area, sometimes last minute reservations are possible. Let us know as early as possible. We provide paint, brushes, easels, cocktails, soft drinks and tapas. You may bring your own canvas or purchase it with us at a discount prize. You are free to choose your own subject. The prize is € 25 per person.

On Wednesdays or Thursdays (other days at special request) we provide our afternoon ‘intensive course’. Step by step we teach you your new painting skills and techniques. It is a fantastic opportunity for those who have never painted before and want to give it a shot. After (usually) three afternoons you will be able to continue painting at home or participate in some follow-up afternoons to extend your skills. T

hereafter you may be interested participating with our Monday painting group, providing that there is space available. The ‘intensive course’ exists of groups of maximal four persons so they can count on our full professional attention and assistance. You can bring your own canvas, but you can also buy it here for a very attractive price. The afternoon ‘intensive course’ costs € 50 per session, including all materials, cocktails or soft drinks, tapas and of course professional guidance.

Make your own painting in one day!

A joyful event. All basics of paintings are being taught and at the end of the day you will take your own pretty painting home. Of course we assist you to finalize it. A perfect opportunity to celebrate something with both men and women, ‘teambuilding’ for commercial corporations or just treat yourself and others to a state-of-the-art creative event.

The groups exist of minimal four and maximal seven persons.We start at 10:30 hours when the painting begins. Between 13:30 and 14:30 an excellent lunch is served. We continue painting until six p.m. You don’t have to bring anything with you but a cheerful mood! The costs are based on the specific wishes of the participants. You name it, we’ll frame it. For more information call us.

We absolutely guarantee you a super fun day where you will be spoiled.